Home Health Aide


Home health aides help people with disabilities, illnesses, or developmental delays. Home health aides maintain records of patients and their progress. They help move patients in and out of beds, wheelchairs, and the bathtub. They also help with dressing. Home health aides work in many different places including the patient’s home, group homes, and day programs.


Home health aides need:

· patience

· physical strength

· positivity

· cleanliness

· time management skills

· communication skills

· medical knowledge


Most home health aide positions require a high school diploma. Certain places of work require training and an exam.


Home health aides use technology including cameras, sensors, and alarm systems. This helps to monitor their patients and their safety. They may also help patients use assistive technology like iPads, text-to-speech, voice recognition software, and more.

Salary/Job Outlook

The average salary for a home health aide is $24, 200. There is a demand for this job in the future due to many people needing home health aides.