Mathematicians and Statisticians


Mathematicians and statisticians analyze data, and use math to help solve problems. Mathematicians and statisticians find relationships and trends in data, and determine what statistical method should be used. Many mathematicians and statisticians work for the government or with a team of engineers and scientists.


Mathematicians and statisticians need:

· to think analytically to solve problems

· excellent math skills

· verbal skills

· logic skills

· team-working skills

· communication skills


Most positions for mathematicians and statisticians require a master’s degree in mathematics or statistics.


Mathematicians and statisticians use software to collect and analyze data. They might also use databases that store information.

Salary/Job Outlook

The average salary for a mathematician is $105,030. The average salary for a statistician is $91,160. New job opportunities are expected in the future due to the need to analyze digital and electronic data.