Physical Therapist


Physical therapists help injured or sick people improve their movement and increase their strength. They also help them manage their pain, and make a plan of treatment for patients. Physical therapists work in hospitals, offices, nursing homes, or go to patients’ homes.


Physical therapists need:

· good people skills

· problem solving skills

· to feel the need to help others

· understand people’s reactions and emotions


Physical therapists need a master’s degree or a doctoral degree. A physical therapy program includes classes in education, anatomy, biology, physiology, chemistry, and physics. Physical therapists also need to take an exam to get their license to get a job.


Physical therapists use many different technologies when taking care of patients including muscle testing equipment, ultrasounds, and virtual reality video game software used for fun exercising. Physical therapists use other tools and equipment to help patients improve their movement. Some tools and equipment include balance boards, ramps, exercise balls, and other exercise equipment.

Salary/Job Outlook

The average salary of a physical therapist is $88,440. There is a need for physical therapists in the future to take care of many patients that are experiencing health issues.