Pilot – Airline or Commercial


Pilots fly and navigate planes, helicopters, and other aircraft. Most pilots start as commercial pilots or flight instructors. An airline pilot works for an airline and transports people. A commercial pilot does not work for a specific company but can be hired for flights, rescue operations, firefighting, photography, crop dusting, and more.


Pilots need:

· to have an understanding of math and physics

· understand how the plane works

· have good coordination

· good communication skills

· team-working skills

· the ability to think quickly and make decisions


Commercial pilots need a high school diploma and to earn a pilot’s license by taking a test. Airplane pilots need a bachelor’s degree (four years) and to earn a pilot certificate by taking a test.


Pilots use a number of different technologies when flying. Navigation systems, satellite communication, radio communication, and weather radar are all examples of technology that pilots use.

Salary/Job Outlook

The average salary for an airline pilot is $147,220. The average salary for a commercial pilot is $86,080. New job opportunities are expected in the future due to other pilots leaving the job.