Speech Language Pathologist


Speech language pathologists assess and treat adults and children with speech, language, and voice disorders. Speech language pathologists develop and implement plans for patients. They also write reports of their evaluations, treatments, and progress. Most work in schools and hospitals.


Speech language pathologists need:

· excellent communication skills

· listening skills

· patience

· compassion

· flexibility


Speech language pathologists need a master’s degree. They gain hands on experience during the school program. Most states require that speech language pathologists take an exam to receive a license.


Speech language pathologists may use medical software in their jobs, or analytic software when looking at a patient’s language. They also may use communication switches, a sound measuring machine, or a tablet to assist their patients.

Salary/Job Outlook

The average salary for a speech language pathologist is $79,120. New job opportunities are likely in the future due to children and adults needing help with their speech and language.