King of Pops


King of Pops started with an idea from three brothers, a couple thousand dollars, and a used ice cream push cart. The owners credit their success to their supportive community and they hope to create unexpected moments of happiness. King of Pops has made over 500 flavors and most are made with only three to five ingredients. They strive to get fruit and dairy from local farms. King of Pops works out of a cart instead of a food truck.

Location: Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and more

Serves: Ice cream


King of Pops has made over 500 flavors. Some popular flavors include chocolate sea salt, cookies n’ cream, raspberry lime, strawberry lemonade, orange cream, Thai iced tea, key lime pie, banana puddin’, strawberries n’ cream, blackberry ginger lemon, blueberry lemonade, and apple cider.