Buying bird food to give your bird is the easiest way to know your pet bird is getting all the nutrients it needs.


Birds need the largest cage you can find because they will spend most of their time in there. Birds need to be able to move around and stretch their wings inside the cage. Don’t forget to include perches, and food and water bowls. Cage liners are also helpful at the bottom.


How long a bird lives depends on the type of bird. Some birds can live 20 years and some can live up to 100 years! It’s very important you make the commitment to care for the animal for its entire life.

Taking Care of Your Bird:

· There are many different types of birds that make good pets. Make sure to do your research!

· You need to trim your bird’s nails.

· Birds bathe themselves everyday or you can help by misting the bird every day with clean water.

· Make sure to give your bird things to play with! Playing helps their brains, provides physical exercise, and is good for their beak. Toys can be a toilet paper tube, a piece of corn on the cob, or branches with leaves.

Visiting the Veterinarian

Birds should be taken to an avian veterinarian, a bird veterinarian, at least once a year for a checkup.

Fun Facts

· If a bird fans his tail feathers out, it is excited or over excited or about to bite you!

· When a bird puffs up, it means “leave me alone!”

· If you bird is clicking its beak, your bird wants to be petted.

· Birds like music, and may dance or sing!

· Songbirds and parrots can learn and mimic human speech.