Guinea Pig



Guinea pigs eat guinea pig food, hay, and limited amounts of fruits and vegetables. They need clean water every day.


Guinea pigs are happiest when they have the largest cage possible. Don’t forget to include bedding, a food dish, and a water dish. Make sure to clean the cage once a week.


Guinea pigs can live 4-8 years with good care.

Taking Care of Your Guinea Pig

· Guinea pigs clean themselves and you do not need to give them a bath.

· Guinea pigs’ nails need to be cut once a month.

· Guinea pigs’ fur needs to be brushed.

· Do NOT give your guinea pig chocolate.

· Guinea pigs should be kept in their own cage, and not with other animals.

Visiting the Veterinarian

It is recommended you take your guinea pig to the vet once every year to get a checkup.

Fun Facts

· Guinea pigs “popcorn” meaning that they jump in the air when happy!

· Guinea pigs only sleep for short periods of time.

· Guinea pigs are not related to pigs at all.

· Guinea pigs communicate with each other using “wheek-wheek” sounds, purring, or a “putt- putt” sound when exploring.