Most pet snakes eat mice, rats, gerbils, and hamsters. You can buy them frozen for your snake.


Snakes need a terrarium with a screen lid on top. Make sure the lid is very tight so the snake doesn’t escape! Your tank needs to have an under tank heating pad to keep your snake warm.


It depends on the type of snake but many live between 15-30 years.

Taking Care of Your Snake

· Each snake should have its own habitat.

· The snake’s habitat should get 10-12 hours of daylight every day or you can use a special light bulb.

Visiting the Veterinarian

It is recommended you take your snake to the veterinarian once a year for a checkup. Make sure your vet works with snakes.

Fun Facts

· Pythons, corn snakes, boa constrictors, and king snakes are popular choices for pet snakes.

· Snakes swallow their food whole.

· Snakes are meat eaters.

· There are 3000 different types of snakes.

· People are not allowed to have venomous snakes as pets. These snakes are poisonous.