Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.

Distance from the Sun

It is the closet planet to the sun. It is 36 million miles from the sun

What are days like on Mercury?

One day on Mercury is equal to 59 Earth days. A year on Mercury is equal to 88 Earth days.

Surface of Mercury

Mercury is a rocky planet with a cratered surface. Mercury has no rings.

How Many Moons does Mercury Have?


Evidence of Life

No evidence of life has been found on Mercury. Temperatures are 400 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and -290 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Visits to Mercury

The United States have had two successful spacecrafts visit Mercury.

Fun Facts

· Mercury may have been hit by a huge asteroid which created a crater the size of Texas.

· Scientists think that there is ice in Mercury’s craters.

· Mercury’s atmosphere is very thin so it is impossible to breathe there.