Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system.

Distance from the Sun

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun. Saturn is 886 million miles away from the Sun.

What are days like on Saturn?

One day on Saturn is about 10 hours. However, a year on Saturn is equal to 29 Earth years.

Surface of Saturn

Saturn is a giant gas planet and is made of gasses like hydrogen and helium. Saturn has seven rings made of chunks of ice and rock.

How Many Moons does Saturn Have?

Saturn has 53 confirmed moons and 29 additional moons that scientists are studying.

Evidence of Life

No evidence of life has been found on Saturn. Scientists believe that Saturn’s moon may one day support life. Saturn has an average temperature of -178 degrees Fahrenheit.

Visits to Saturn

The United States have had four successful spacecrafts fly by Saturn.

Fun Facts

· Saturn is the fifth brightest object in the solar system. You can even see it with your eye sometimes.

· Saturn’s nickname is “The Ringed Planet”.

· Saturn has the fastest winds of all the planets at 1,100 miles per hour.

· Saturn has the second largest moon in the solar system.