Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical engineers look at blueprints, drawings, and computer reports. They write, edit, and fact check products and equipment, and demonstrate how to use these products. Mechanical engineers have designed machines like generators, gas turbines, elevators, escalators, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and more.


Mechanical engineers need:

· problem solving skills

· creativity

· technical skills

· ability to work under pressure

· ability to work with others

· team-working skills


Mechanical engineers need a bachelor’s degree (4 years) in mechanical engineering. A mechanical engineering program includes classes in math, science, engineering, and design.


Mechanical engineers use technology programs like computer aided design (CAD), and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

Salary/Job Outlook

The average salary is $88,430. New job opportunities are expected in the future due to mechanical engineers working in many industries on many different kinds of projects.