Food Truck History


Food trucks are a vehicle that transport and sell food. Food trucks serve many different kinds of food. Some popular choices are tacos, burgers, barbeque, breakfast foods, ice cream, and more.

The History of Food Trucks

Early 1800s Rancher wanted to provide food on the road to people traveling with cattle

Late 1800s Hot dog carts became popular

1950s Refrigerated ice cream trucks became popular

1970s Taco trucks become popular on the West Coast

2000s Many chefs are laid off from their restaurant jobs so they became food truck businesses because they are less expensive than a restaurant.

Food Trucks cost at least $50,000 to purchase, plus the cost of running a food truck. Here is a list of things you need if you are interested in running a food truck

1. Business plan

You need to know what type of food you want to sell and where you want to sell it

2. Truck

Your vehicle must be up to state codes. Prices range from $50,000-$200,000.

3. Kitchen

You may need a space where you can prepare and store your food before you put it on your truck

4. Place to park your truck

You’ll need to store your truck and food overnight, and fill your truck with propane.

5. Health permit

This will make it legal for you to serve food.

6. Route plan

Decide where you are going to park depending on where you think you’ll be popular

7. Staff

You need people working in the food truck. Places with lots of customers may need 4-6 people working in the food truck

8. Menu

Food trucks usually have a small menu, around 2-3 items, plus a dessert and drink option. This makes it easy for people to make decisions while standing in line.

9. Customers

You want to go where food trucks are popular

10. Marketing

Will you have social media accounts? How will you let people know where you are and what you serve?


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