Neptune is four times wider than Earth.

Distance from the Sun

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun. Neptune is 2.8 billion miles away from the Sun.

What are days like on Neptune?

One day on Neptune is about 16 hours. One year on Neptune is equal to 165 Earth years.

Surface of Neptune

Neptune is a giant ice planet. Neptune has at least five rings that are difficult to see.

How Many Moons does Neptune Have?

Neptune has 14 moons.

Evidence of Life

No evidence of life has been found on Neptune. The average temperature on Neptune is -353 degrees Fahrenheit.

Visits to Neptune

The United States have had one successful spacecraft fly by Neptune. No spacecraft have orbited around Neptune.

Fun Facts

· Neptune is a bright blue color.

· Neptune’s rings are made of ice particles and grains of dust.

· Neptune is named after Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

· Neptune has a “Great Dark Spot” which is a storm that is the size of Earth.