Nurses help take care of patients, educate people on health conditions, and update medical records. Nurses work with patients in hospitals, doctor offices, home services, and nursing homes. Nurses work as part of a team with other doctors, social workers, and therapists. Nurses can work 24 hour shifts.


Nurses need:

· To be caring and compassionate

· Have good teamwork and people skills

· Be able to problem solve

· Have good speaking and writing skills

· Be able to deal with high pressured situations


Nurses need an associate’s degree (2 year degree) or a bachelor’s degree (4 year degree). Nurses also need to take an exam to get their nursing license.


Nurses have to be able to use different technological equipment to take care of patients. Nurses use computers to keep medical records, schedule staff, and order medication and supplies.

Salary/Job Outlook

The average salary for a nurse is $73,300. There is a need for nurses because there is a focus on preventing diseases, and they are finding people with more medical conditions that need to be taken care of.